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Understanding the Big Picture...

"Work" is where most people spend a third of their day or more with a group of unique people and experiences. These daily interactions are the catalyst for personal growth and self awareness, yet how many of us observe this little known fact? Did you ever realize that the people you interact with at work are there as a cast of characters to help you understand and expand your personal vision and life purpose?

We often think of our relatives, friends, families, children and spouses as the closest reflections to help us understand the experience of life. However, most people spend far more time with co-workers, clients, customers and business associates than with anyone else. Couple that with daily business problems and routines, management issues and customer service difficulties, and you begin to see the powerful impact our business environment has on us personally. We, at Internal Insights, are dedicated to revealing this amazing learning opportunity.

Corporate Consulting...

We provide direct consultation with CEO's, Board of Directors, Managing Partners, and every level of staff within an organization. Our efforts provide an understanding of self awareness as it relates to personal and corporate growth. We are not your typical motivational firm. We seek to inspire self awareness and encourage quality of life within the individual. We reflect the idea that we can have our careers, businesses, and professional lifestyle while maintaining a balance in life and learning to be true to ourselves.

Professional Development...

We strive to work with individuals and groups at any and every level, bringing out the best in each person, thereby succeeding as a whole. After all, businesses are made up of people, and it is the individual that can make or break the success of an organization. From top managers to front line customer representatives, we bring out the empowered individual -- which leads to an empowered organization.

Custom Presentations...

Let us customize and design a presentation suited specifically for your business, employees and special circumstances. Our business program integrates the fundamental ideas with the practical application to business and organizational issues. Any area of concentration is available and can be tailored from senior directors and managers to front line employees. Whether seminar, corporate retreat, shadowing, or direct presentation, we can create the most effective means to accomplish desired objectives for you.

Thriving In the New Economy - Creating a Circular Flow - Integrating the Bigger Picture

True Customer Service - Embracing Change - Simple Efficiency - Organizational Growth and Renewal - Heart Centered Vision

Effective and Positive Communication - Empowered Group Dynamics - Visualizing and Planning - Natural Balance - Environmental Impact

Positive Impact Marketing - Genuine Responsibility - Global Influence - Healthy Living - Integrating Work as Play - The Corporate Angel

The Empowered Corporation...

In a rapidly evolving and ever changing world, it is now vital to bring in a holistic and heart-centered approach to our business endeavors. Success in the new business world is based on integrity, flexibility, dignity, respect, group collaboration, and most importantly, that every decision has impact on a personal and global scale.

And... that we are here to be creative and have fun!