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We offer private Personal Guidance, Business and Professional Development and Consulting, and Government Consulting. From our one-on-one personal guidance conversations to our group, agency and corporate level presentations, our goal is to touch each person with the reminder of their innate potential.

Our private consulting is centered around personal guidance sessions with individuals that are sincerely interested in awakening their potential, reflect on their innermost nature, and are willing to act upon their own intuition and choose to make change in their lives. These interactions are unique and varied with each individual and we make every effort to create a trusting environment for one to explore their current thoughts and feelings to better understand themselves and the many ways they may currently be limiting their perspectives.

For our Business, Professional and Government groups, whether one time or an ongoing consulting basis, for profit, nonprofit, agency, board, department, or council, we are available to meet your specific needs. Our presentations are frequently spontaneous, unique and tailored to specific situations. Our ability to reach a broad spectrum of people with common understanding allows us to acknowledge various individual and group situations while empowering the collective to achieve goals and objectives.

We are available for general keynote addresses, themed inspirational talks, guest expert appearances and guest columnist written presentations.

Here at Internal Insights, we see ourselves as change agents and catalysts, endeavoring to share an expanded perspective to life's journey. Our approach is simple and universal, restoring the wisdom from the heart for a more balanced and integrated life experience.

Oh, and we like to laugh too.