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Inner Awareness...

We have a tendency to believe what we see and experience each day as coming from somewhere outside ourselves. Yet, if we stop for a moment and go within, we start to realize our experiences of today are often placed into motion long before we touch the experience itself. Our choices, whether we are conscious of them or not, place our reality into motion.

To "know thyself" is an important reminder each day, for it is a clue to our very existence. We improve our experience of life just by turning within and paying attention to our inner world. We can begin to see the choices we make and how they affect us and the world around us.

To be conscious of our thoughts and feelings is to be conscious of ourselves. This is our point of power. We are most effective when we truly understand ourselves. This also helps us better understand the people around us too.

This awareness goes deeper than just looking at the obvious outer shell of our lives. We need to go to the level of intent. What motivates us each moment? Where are we placing our attention? Do we focus on fear and doubt or love and peace?

Although it takes effort to go within and learn all we can about who we are and what we believe, every effort brings an enormous gift of wisdom and understanding. We come back into contact with ourselves and become proactive in life rather than reactive. We return to the right focus of life.

Authentic Power...

In these extraordinary times of grand change, it is important to find your inner balance and center point: wisdom is found in the heart, not just the intellect. Tapping your source of genuine strength is knowing and accepting the potential held within yourself every moment. That potential is love.

Like each new moment and each new day, we have the opportunity to put our past experiences behind us and begin anew. It is our creation and we have the power and ability to make the most out of our life. What we choose today becomes our reality of tomorrow, so it is important to choose wisely.

Every moment we have the choice to either live in fear and doubt or in love. Through recognizing our thoughts and feelings and knowing our point of power, we can turn our lives around and begin to live in greater love, wisdom and authentic power.

As humans, we like a certain sense of routine and often find comfort and safety in the known while usually fearing the unknown. Ironically, when really understood, we actually fear the known not the unknown.

Whenever we encounter a new experience or a moment of concern, we tend to immediately recall past experiences and assume that how they affected us before is what we will experience again. We take on the perspective that every similar circumstance must be met and resolved in the same way we have in the past. This severely limits our potential to create new opportunities and ways of approaching life. By evoking our past fearful or negative memories as the only potential, we stifle our creativity in the present moment where all things are possible.

The reverse is actually true. The unknown holds real potential and possibility. Inspiration, courage and strength come from one who recognizes and can embrace the possibilities of a yet unformulated potential. Being present in the moment and opening up to the wisdom of our heart brings genuine manifestation that benefits all.

Being Empowered Now...

Now is a good time for us to consider paying attention to our inner journey and begin to clear out old, outmoded and stale views of life. It is becoming more important every day to practice living in the present moment.

Each of us is driven by numerous beliefs, ideas, notions, and understandings of life which make up our personal story. The challenge is we are much more than our present story, and in most cases, our script of life is out of date and unproductive. It no longer serves us.

We finally comprehend the difficulty and futility in using our time to dwell on past negative experiences or likewise assume future negative potentials. The more we tune in to our inner realm of consciousness, the more we become aware of who we are and our infinite potential. We realize our personal experience can be one of empowerment and understanding.

It is vital these days to retain a balanced perspective on life. Although we have a tendency to believe all we see and hear, we are forgetting we are the ones who can and do qualify the energy of life. We qualify it by our thoughts and feelings, perceptions and beliefs. The beauty in this realization is that we can affect personal change to our thoughts and feelings.

Bringing our conscious awareness into each moment affords us the opportunity to be fully present. In this moment, we are whole and complete and create our world based on how we choose to perceive ourselves right now. Choosing a loving and affirming perspective manifests this as our reality.

When we become fully present, we can step back and see the bigger picture of how and why things happen. We are able to respond to life issues with wisdom rather than react from fear and ignorance. This creates a more loving and balanced approach to life.

A New Day...

As we emerge into a new day, we are filled with possibility and potential to create in a new way. Our innermost desires can now come from our heart, not just our intellect. From this vantage point, we are capable of manifesting so much more. Coming from our heart, we bring an expanded dimension to our reality and the world around us -- we share in the potential of love.

It is, and always has been, our choice to embrace the love that resides within. We often try to fool ourselves into believing that forgiveness and letting go is difficult or ineffective. We think in our minds that such actions are of little meaning or value all the while we hurt deep inside. As a result, many continue to seek love in their outer experiences of life while never addressing or healing the pain inside. This brings trauma, drama, problems, accidents, dis-ease, and a myriad of negative expressions into our everyday experience.

We all desire to feel and know that we are loved, lovable, and loving. Yet we must give this understanding to ourselves first. By turning within and accepting ourselves unconditionally, we give ourselves the gift of a new path filled with the potential of love. Start your new day with a blank canvas and paint your reality with hopes and dreams from the heart.