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Corporate, Government Agency and Group Workshops...

Let Internal Insights custom design a presentation suited specifically for your business, agency, employees or special group circumstances. We can help bring awareness to both the individual and group which leads to a more consistent and positive experience throughout every facet of the organization.

The more intensive workshop is available in a one, two or three day retreat format and integrates the fundamental ideas of the basic seminar while providing more interactive and practical application to make it personally experiential and meaningful. Corporate, government or group goals are integrated into the presentation to assure a valuable relevance to the organization's objectives.

Some additional and potential areas of focus:

True Customer Service - Organizational Growth - Adapting to Change - Group Collaboration - Effective and Natural Communication

Visualizing Outcomes - Genuine Responsibility - Balance - Global Influence - Environmental Impact - Healthy Lifestyle

Work as Play - Keeping it Light - Personal and Corporate Awareness - Honesty and Integrity - Real Respect

Encouraging Awareness...

Any area of concentration is available for a single focus and discussion in a seminar format. All material can be tailored from senior managers to front line employees. Whether for an hour discussion or a weekend retreat, these insights will dramatically improve your view on life.

This will not be your typical workshop experience of motivation, peak performance or team building, instead it will touch your heart and make you feel alive.