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Welcome to Internal Insights

We all share a common and universal bond of amazing potential. How to access and manifest this potential however, can be quite a challenge at times. We formed our consulting firm in 1990 for this very purpose - to assist and facilitate others on their journey of personal awareness. As our name so aptly describes, our focus is internal, uncovering the insights that are already within each of us.

Our Mission...
Internal Insights is founded upon helping people truly understand and empower themselves to create positive change and balance in their lives. Becoming aware of who we are and our own unique potential is the first step. From here, we progress forward recognizing the practical value to applying unconditional love for self and others. Knowing ourselves and trusting our personal potential leads to a happier, healthier life. Our mission simply stated - empowering people through self awareness and unconditional love.

Our Vision...
At Internal Insights we see Life itself as the eternal powerful bond within us that connects all upon this planet, regardless of background, sex, race, religion, education, political, national, cultural, or financial affiliation. Only through self awareness can we affect real positive change. By knowing ourselves, we begin to know and understand others and the role we play in every day life. This is how we create the positive solutions that assist everyone and bring heart and soul back into our world. We have the innate, natural power and ability to create a life filled with peace, harmony and love on all levels of our being and world. We invite you to realize your true potential.

Our Presentations...
We offer private Personal Guidance, Business and Professional Consulting and Development, and Government Consulting. Whether one on one, as a group, a single visit or an ongoing consulting basis, we are available to meet your unusual and specific needs.

Our presentations are frequently spontaneous, unique and tailored to your situation. Our ability to reach a broad spectrum of people with common understanding allows us to acknowledge similarities in individual and group dynamics. We see ourselves as change agents and catalysts endeavoring to share an expanded perspective to life's journey. Our approach is to remind one another that every aspect of life is a personal learning experience and that extraordinary solutions are already within us.

Pricing is determined upon selection of programs, resources, location and duration of consultation or presentation. All prices and costs are communicated in advance by request. Contact us.