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Internal Insights is a distinctive and exceptional consulting and multimedia firm that specializes in embracing change through self-awareness and genuine empowerment.
Our personal and professional guidance is universal in its approach and can assist anyone whether president of a company, artist, clerk, nurse, homemaker, government employee, engineer, salesperson, student, or any other activity we may presently engage in. Every one of us is vital to life and each of us has the power to make positive change in this world.
Born of timeless truths and fundamental universal concepts, our practical presentations and materials are designed to reconnect us to our own innate wisdom. By learning to become aware of the power of our thoughts and feelings, we can find our personal strength, restore inner peace and harmony, and cultivate our natural desire to live an authentic life to the fullest.
In this way, the individual becomes the catalyst for the whole and real change can occur at every level of our collective experience.
Internal Insights is dedicated to inspiring the inner potential in each of us so that we manifest our personal reality and integrity through a balance of love, wisdom and internal power.
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Dawn S - Stand-up Comedian

John and Harold truly embody their message with the utmost humility. Kind, compassionate, gentle, understanding, patient, and incredible listeners, this dynamic duo will blow you away with every interaction. You WILL feel the love!

Darlene B. - United Airlines

Harold and John couldn't be more supportive, insightful and compassionate in their approach in mentoring to their peers, along with the young and the old.

Melissa G - US Gov/Water Scientist

The path I travel through this intriguing and inspiring journey of life gained depth, clarity, and wisdom through my encounters with Harold, John, and the Love Foundation.

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