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General Programs and Seminars...

A typical two or three hour program covers the fundamental ideas that remind us of our role in the journey of life.

The general program includes areas of:

The Power of Thoughts and Feelings - You Create Your Reality - Choice
Living Now - The Illusion of Fear

Forgiveness - Self-awareness - Personal Empowerment - Honesty and Integrity
Your Higher Self - Real Stress Management

True Intention - Balance - Meditation - Breathing - Visualizing - Healthy Living - Unconditional Love

Presentation Style...

This material is presented in a common sense and practical way, revealing the timeless truths that we all live by. Specific skills and techniques are incorporated to insure a valuable experience.

Most programs include an introduction to guided meditation as a tool to access one's inner strength, peace and personal power.

Give yourself the gift of a few moments of self-discovery. Touch the unconditional love, beauty, dreams, potential, and unlimited wonders that reside within your heart.