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Change is Good. And... Inevitable!

It is funny that we tend to avoid and often fear change, even though it is the one constant and guaranteed aspect of life. Change is happening every moment both within and around us. From the atomic structure of the cells of our bodies to the celestial heavens of galaxies spiraling through galaxies, change is forever an aspect of energy in motion.

Yet, how do we view personal change, as positive growth or negative setbacks? Do we embrace change with open arms or fear the loss of control, routine, and sense of security we perceive in the status quo?

We can turn within and allow ourselves to go-with-the-flow and make true inner changes and choices in our personal understanding for a more enjoyable and easier navigation of our everyday lives. Embracing change with conscious awareness of change itself rewards us with new ideas, potentials and experiences. It is the shift of awareness from reactive to active (and conscious) participation.

In these days of rapidly evolving information, technology and global interaction, for example, we outwardly face a continuous stream of external change. It seems to be happening in all areas of our lives, like changes in health, career, spouses, friends, environment, geographic location, finances, cultural and political shifts, along with lifestyle concerns like nutrition, diet and exercise, and even our unspoken beliefs about death.

It is vital to retain a balanced perspective on life and to willingly embrace change. Although we have a tendency to believe all we see and hear, we are forgetting we are the ones who can and do qualify the energy of life. We qualify it by our thoughts and feelings, perceptions and beliefs. The significance in this realization is that we can affect personal change within our thoughts and feelings and we can also have a more positive impact on the world around us.

Life's long and winding road can be stunningly beautiful and filled with joyful adventures. It can also be filled with drama, trauma and pain. We hold the key to experiencing either joy or struggle through our choice of intention. Which do you prefer?

Change Allows Us to Evolve...

Consciously embracing change is how we evolve. It begins when we start the process of going within and recognizing who we are at a deep level. Rather than solely pursuing our daily outer activities, maintaining stagnant routines, or perpetuating habits of generations, we can learn to tap our highest inner desires and manifest the things that bring us the greatest joy, individually and collectively.

Our unrealized potential is often limited by the beliefs we hold about life. We engage our grandest potential when we empower our thoughts and feelings by living from our heart. We still participate in our daily routine; however, we begin to create all new perspectives and understandings. This is simply a matter of becoming aware of where we are placing our attention, and then learning how to change the focus of our attention when we wish to take on a different perspective. We can become solution oriented rather than problem centered. It is our choice.

Ultimately, our life journey is a personal one. Of course, we share in our experiences with those around us like a spouse, partner, children, family, friends, co-workers and even strangers that help us to learn about our personal issues and beliefs. We also interact with our pets, environment, careers, culture and many other things in our daily experiences. Each encounter mirrors aspects of our consciousness, whether we are conscious of this or not. The journey can be as easy or as difficult as we desire: the solution is in our willingness to let go, embrace change and evolve our attitudes and perspectives.

The beauty is that our effort to grow and change is often met with new vistas of opportunities presently undreamed of. Things we never considered are now possible and even desirable. As we evolve our consciousness, the old ways of thinking and feeling actually become more dense and difficult to maintain and easier to release. Everything becomes lighter and brighter through a simple act of personal growth, acceptance and self-awareness and of course, unconditional love.

Beginning Steps...

You can begin this process right now by doing something nice for yourself.
You can inspire yourself through self-acceptance and love - "I love myself enough to ... ".
You can give yourself a chance to get there; patience with yourself is a valuable virtue.
Learn to never make yourself wrong, just forgive yourself and start again.
Take time to nurture yourself by paying extra attention to YOU.
Embrace and love the very essence of who you really are -- a wondrous and incredible being!
Meditate daily - sit quietly, let go of everything and focus on peace and your inner light.
As you come to know and accept yourself, you will readily understand and accept others.

Creating In A New Way...

There is yesterday and then there is today. How many of us fall into the trap that what we experienced in the past is destined to be our future? Which of us realizes that in any moment we have the power, ability and imagination to create from a different perspective?

Life is an unfolding process of our own making. What we think, feel and believe, becomes our experience. Where we see lack and limitation, we create the same in our lives. Likewise, when we see abundance, caring and sharing, we experience this as our reality too.

It takes enormous courage to go within and question our personal views on life and endeavor to embrace, correct and release, that which no longer serves us. It also takes strength and determination to stop blaming others and accept the responsibility of our own creation. When we realize that the war rages on in our mind and nowhere else, we are well on our way to positive change.

What is the reward for such effort? A more peaceful, balanced and loving life. Isn't that what we all strive for in our constant pursuit of our daily interactions, relationships and material possessions? We seek a sense of joy and fulfillment in all that we do and all that we are.

This is a process of going within and realizing the power you have to create every moment. When you come from balance and understanding, wisdom becomes your true power and your decisions begin to reflect a new way of thinking and feeling. True success comes as a result of this restored ability. So create a new you and experience the peace and joy you crave deep within.

Our Choices...

Every moment of every day, we have choice whether we are conscious of it or not. This becomes a powerful understanding when we start to realize our choices create our reality. What we experience today is based upon infinite decisions that led up to this moment.

We make up our world as we go along according to our beliefs, assumptions, thoughts, words, deeds and actions. What we think and feel is what we become. Yet, most people are unaware of this process. The truly amazing aspect of this realization -- we can change our thoughts and feelings and therefore, our reality.

Each day we follow our routines, rarely thinking about the consequences, and usually unaware that every decision or non-decision has an impact upon our life and the world around us. Every thought, word, deed and action is placed in motion by us personally. We are responsible for what we think, feel, and do, and what we experience as a result.

Without paying attention to our inner world we are destined to perpetuate our fears, doubts, angers, worry, shame and judgments. This leads to frustration, stress, problems and frequently dis-ease. The cycle returns to us again and again. When we think and feel lack, for example, we experience the same. Likewise, when we think and feel prosperous, we create more abundance in our lives. The power of our attention and intention determines what we will experience.

We have the potential every moment to change our perspective and in doing so, transform our reality. We can become conscious of our focus and attention and bring our thoughts and feelings in alignment to our heart's desires. We are already creating our life whether we are aware of it or not, so why not choose the life your heart dances to?