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Harold W. BeckerHarold has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Author of Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being, and Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery, along with several other books. He received his MBA from the University of Tampa in 1988. Harold left the corporate world in 1990 to devote all of his time to understanding the nature of our potential and raising the awareness of humanity. He founded Internal Insights in 1990 and The Love Foundation, Inc. as a nonprofit in 2000. He continues to share his powerful understanding about life through books, consulting, speaking engagements, a PBS television special, workshops and living from his heart.

Internationally known for his vision and understanding of unconditional love, Harold is an experienced speaker, author of several books and guest contributor to many more, frequent radio and television guest, and creator and host of his own televised PBS special on self-awareness and love. For over 25 years, he has been sharing his insights to groups of all sizes and types covering a variety of topics. He is comfortable in front of a camera, microphone or live audiences from one to one thousand and more. He inspires and educates with humor, compassion and an uncanny practical understanding of life, while ever expanding our awareness of unconditional love.

Harold has an MBA from the University of Tampa and is both inspirational and motivational with a unique talent for explaining universal insights in ways that anyone can understand. His eloquent prose, clear and enlivening ideas, and warm and loving nature make him an excellent guest for any event. With his keen perception to real underlying issues, coupled with his playful sense of humor, he has the ability to cut through an agenda and bring key points to light.

He is the Founder and President of the nonprofit, The Love Foundation, which was established in 2000. He also founded Global Love Day, an international celebration of humanity held annually on May 1st, as a way to further our collective understanding of unconditional love.

His seemingly simple and natural approach conveys a powerful message of personal awareness that is felt deeply by his audience. From his corporate management presentations, post-prison addiction outreach, and countless personal interactions in private sessions, Harold's wealth of experience and intuitive understanding of life allows him to share thoughts freely and often profoundly, connecting to the soul of his audience. His positive intent and focus then raises and reflects the potential of the individual and the group he is speaking to.

Although he frequently focuses on the awareness of the individual, he knows how to incorporate the needs of an organization too. Harold's keynote addresses, seminars and specialized speaking programs are all designed to bring out the highest potential of the individual and the organization.

A truly unique experience, blending love, wisdom and power, Harold delivers a message that has lasting results. His audience remembers his words and more importantly, they remember they are special and powerful people capable of reaching their true potential.

If you would like to arrange a speaking engagement, personal conversation or keynote address with Harold, contact us for availability.

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