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Harold W. Becker

Harold W. BeckerInspirational as well as motivational, Harold has a distinctive gift for speaking intimately to audiences large and small. His eloquent prose, clear and enlivening ideas, and warm and loving nature make him an excellent guest speaker for any event. With keen insight to real underlying issues and a playful sense of humor, he has the ability to cut through an agenda and bring key points to light.

Although he frequently focuses on the awareness of the individual, he knows how to incorporate the needs of an organization. Harold's keynote addresses, seminars and specialized speaking programs are all designed to bring out the highest potential of the individual and the organization.

For well over two decades, Harold has been speaking to groups of all sizes and types and covering a variety of topics. He is an experienced speaker, author of several books, creator and host of his own televised PBS special, and founder of the internationally renowned nonprofit, The Love Foundation.

Harold's seemingly simple and natural approach conveys a powerful message of personal awareness that is felt deeply by his audience. His wealth of experience and intuitive understanding of life allows Harold to share his thoughts freely and often profoundly, connecting to the soul of his audience. This effortless approach illumines, encourages and reflects the potential of the individual members of the group he is speaking to.

A truly unique experience, blending love, wisdom and power, Harold delivers a timeless message that has lasting results. His audience remembers his words and more importantly, they remember they are special and powerful people capable of reaching their potential.


John T. Goltz

John T. GoltzJohn has been sharing his innate wisdom and love with audiences for over a decade. Frequently called upon to share his personal awareness and loving practical approach, he has assisted many people embrace and understand their potential to live life more fully.

Combining wisdom, experience, and a zest for life, John brings a wonderful youthful approach to his speaking. He has the knack for getting the message across when others cannot. His gift is to see issues from different angles and then formulate a direct approach to resolve the issue at hand.

His varied background in public relations and sales, agent and producer, environment and health, gives him a wealth of experience to draw upon. Coupled with his personal research and application of the deeper understandings of life, John is an ideal speaker, presenter, guest panel expert, and personal consultant.